The competition will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union at The University of Maryland.

Stamp Student Union

The Union is located at the corner of Campus Drive and Union Lane. Follow this link to see a map of the campus with the Stamp Student Union one of the labeled buildings.

A map of the union can be found here.


  • Competition Floor and Social Dance Location: Grand Ballroom (1206, first floor, #43 on the map)
  • Practice Room: Atrium (1107, first floor, #38 on the map)
  • Coat Check Room: Prince Georges Room (1210, first floor, #41 on the map)
  • Ladies’ Changing Room: Juan Ramon Rimenez Room (second floor, #56 on the map)
  • Men’s Changing Room: Benjamin Banneker Room (second floor, #57 on the map)

Note: There will be signs directing you from the Information Desk (inside the main entrance of the Stamp Student Union) to the registration and check-in areas on Friday. The ballroom is located to the right and all the way down if you are facing the Information Desk.

Please remind your team that due to the large number of competitors, we will NEED to keep the Grand Ballroom clear of costumes/shoes/makeup/bags, etc. In order to help you do so, we have set up a coat check room and storage space area in the Prince George’s Room located next to the entrance to the ballroom.

In addition to this, please keep in mind that we are not the only event happening in the student union, so do not leave luggage throughout the building.

We also ask that competitors pay special attention to how we will direct traffic in and around the ballroom.