The DCDI 2024 Schedule is currently not available. The DCDI 2023 Schedule is below for reference –

Events can run up to 30 minutes ahead. Make sure you are in the ballroom to avoid missing your event.

2023 DCDI Event Schedule:

Saturday – Day Session – Doors Open 7:30 am

American Rhythm

Bronze 9:00 am
Newcomer 9:20 am
Silver 9:30 am
Gold 10:40 am

Team Match – 11:25 amĀ 

International Standard – Syllabus and Pre Champ Qualifiers

Bronze 12:50 pm
Silver 1:10 pm
Newcomer 1:35 pm
Gold 2:55 pm
Pre Champ Standard (1st and QF) 3:00 pm

**At the conclusion of the day session, please clear the ballroom, taking all your belongings with you, so that the DCDI team can transition to the night show set up.

Saturday – Night Session – Doors Open 5:45pm

Open Session Starts at 6pm

Open Events

Open Standard 6:00 pm
Pre Champ Standard 6:15 pm
Open Rhythm 6:45 pm
Pre Champ Smooth 7:45 pm
Open Smooth 8:00 pm
Open Latin 9:15 pm
Pre Champ Latin 9:30 pm


Sunday – Day Session – Doors Open 7:30 am

American Smooth

Bronze 9:00 am
Silver 9:20 am
Newcomer 9:35 am
Gold 10:25 am

International Latin

Bronze 12:00 pm
Silver 12:20 pm
Newcomer 12:45 pm
Gold 1:55 pm

**At the conclusion of the competition, please remember to take all your belongings with you, as well as any trash. Thank you for coming to DCDI 2023! We hope to see you back next year!